An Essential Checklist for Kitchen Cleaning Essentials

An Essential Checklist for Kitchen Cleaning Essentials

Cleaning your kitchen might seem like a daunting task. After all, a lot is going on.

There’s a sink area, floor, and walls, plus dozens of different appliances. Of course, we can’t forget the stove – backsplash, burners, Land all. Plus, the microwave, oven, refrigerator, and cabinets, all of which are coated with gunk and grime. Where do you even begin?

Cleaning need not be a tiring chore, though – especially if you have the basic kitchen cleaning essentials. Make your life easier by having the right cleaning tools with you.

Basic Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Buying cleaning products might sound like a dull chore, but it is important to improve your home’s cleanliness and quality of living. Here’s a handy list of must-haves that ensures you can tackle any mess, both big and small.

For Washing Your Dishes

Dishwashing liquid. Look for products with effective enzymes and surfactants that can tackle food residues and grease easily. SCPA Solutions’ Dishwashing Liquid removes stubborn stains with its patented anti-bacterial formulation. Each gallon will also go a long way, so you save money while you keep your dishes clean. It is also available in three pleasant scents: calamansi, apple, and lemon.

If you’re looking for a smaller version, grab a bottle of Cheers’ Dishwashing Liquid, an all-purpose dishwashing formula with grease-cutting power. It can also remove oils, grease, and fats from dishes, pots, and other utensils. Plus, it is formulated with Lactic Acid so it’s tough on germs but gentle on your hands. Available in Orange Zeal scent and Sundazed Lemon scent.

Sponges. To wash your dishes efficiently, shop for sponges that have a rough side for grease and sticky food particles and a soft side for delicate dishes. Use non-abrasive, non-metal sponges to clean cast iron cookware. For cleaning ovens, floors, and other surfaces that need a thorough scrub, use a heavy-duty sponge.

  • Glass cleaner. Do you have glass backsplashes or tables in the kitchen? While all-purpose cleaners should do the trick, some cleaners leave streaks on glasses. Sanitize your glass surfaces without the streaks with SCPA Solutions Glass Cleaner.

For Disposing of Your Garbage

Garbage Bags

A sturdy garbage bag is a must-have for all the food waste and other trash in the kitchen. When choosing trash bags for the kitchen, always go for the right size. The measurements are always indicated on the packaging of the bags. Find out the size of your rubbish bins first by measuring the length and width.

Also, thickness is an important consideration. Thin garbage bags are unable to hold enough waste and are prone to breakage. So, always go for a thicker bag for leftovers and other kitchen garbage.

Cheers Trash Bags are ideal must-haves for the kitchen. These OXO biodegradable trash bags are tear-resistant and leak-proof. Our trash bags are made from strong material that prevents spills and tears and offers a stronger hold.

Available in five sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra large.

For Cleaning the Floor

Broom and Dustpan. Dirt, lint, and other particles have no space in your home, much less your kitchen. This is why you should always have a broom and dustpan nearby. While vacuuming solves most dust problems, it can’t always clean larger particles or small surface areas. It’s easier to scoop up the dirt with a broom instead of hauling around a bulky vacuum cleaner to the kitchen.

Mop and Bucket. A mop is your go-to cleaning tool for hard floor surfaces like laminate, wood, or tiles to make them shine. Lately. Some mops come with a handle that you can fill with cleaning fluid for easy dispensing. But the simplest stick mop with a sponge head is enough to do the cleaning. You can also use a steam mop, which uses cleaning fluids or hot water to clean the floor.

If you buy a simple mop, you’ll need a bucket to hold the cleaning fluids and water. You can also use buckets to soak items, rinse out rags or sponges, and store cleaning products when not in use.

For Cleaning Surfaces

All-purpose Cleaner. Choose an all-purpose cleaner with sanitizing and disinfecting power. This ensures your kitchen’s surfaces are free from germs and sparkly clean.

Use Cheers Multi-Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Concentrate to kill bacteria from high-touch areas. It removes stubborn stains and deodorizes surfaces as it keeps the kitchen fresh with a pleasant orchard scent.

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty, SCPA Solutions’ Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Sanitizer contain an active ingredient that kills 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria (including COVID-19).

Scrub Brushes. A great cleaning brush is the key to removing stubborn stains in the kitchen. Fortunately, you don’t need a fancy one to do the job. A good scrub brush can be made of plastic and comes with strong bristles and a rubber handle for a better grip.

Also, consider buying a brush set that comes with multiple heads so you can clean different spaces, like your shower head or corners.

Kitchen Towels and Disinfecting Wipes. If you don’t have dish towels at hand, paper towels are great substitutes. A thick sheet of paper towel can clean spills and messes from food preparation. You can also use it to dry your hands after washing them.

  • Femme All-Purpose Jumbo Kitchen Towel. Femme All Purpose Jumbo Kitchen Towel is a budget-friendly essential in every household. It's a handy must-have for wiping surfaces, draining excess oil from food, and drying your dishes (and hands). 

  • Sanicare Ecolayers Kitchen Towel Max. Sanicare’s thickest towels yet, the Kitchen Towel Max with Ecolayers are thick absorbent sheets that come with two layers of 100% virgin pulp with a middle layer of premium recycle-grade paper.

If you want to sanitize your surfaces, a pack of trusted sanitizing wipes should do the trick. Our Cheers Surface Disinfecting Wipes are formulated to kill 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria. It's streak-free, leaving no marks on surfaces, yet gentle on hands.

Gloves. Hot water, soap suds, and cleaning fluids can be tough on your hands. Protect your hands while you clean with a pair of sturdy rubber gloves. Look for textured gloves so you can get a good grip on your brushes and other cleaning tools.

Spray Bottle. Regular water bottles cannot evenly distribute cleaning solutions. Instead of wasting product, invest in a couple of spray bottles for easier cleaning. Get a sharpie and some tape to label your bottles so you’ll know which cleaning solution you’re using.

Multi-Purpose Duster. Deal with the cobwebs fathering on the ceiling fan with an extendable wand duster. Make it easier with a duster that comes with a pivoting head and should have enough length to reach the ceiling. No need to worry about the dust located in hard-to-reach nooks.


For Freshening Up Your Kitchen.

Odor Neutralizer. A day of cooking means a kitchen that is left with unpleasant odors. Freshen up your space with an odor neutralizing spray that can remove the toughest of unwanted smells. Cheers Odor Neutralizer Spray deodorizers surfaces by removing malodors from the kitchen with a nature-inspired fragrance. Keep your kitchen fresh with ONS, which is available in the following scents:

BONUS: How Do You Stick to Your Kitchen Cleaning Checklist?

As you establish your kitchen cleaning to-do's, commit to a routine and print it out. The printed checklist serves as a good reminder, and it gives you something to check off. However, keep in mind that no cleaning schedule is always set in stone. To keep yourself from brushing off tasks, clean immediately. Always tackle messes and spills as they occur and be thorough. For example, if you spill milk onto your floor or across the counter, wipe it down ASAP.

To easily tick off your kitchen cleaning checklist, keep your favorite all-purpose cleaner handy for efficient and quick cleanups. A broom and dustpan should also be kept nearby for sweeping after cooking sessions and meals.

Also, make sure to have a place for everything. Instead of scattering kitchen items here and there, it’s easier to store them all in one spot. For example, store your gallons of cleaning solutions in cabinets or cupboards that are out of reach of the kids.

Finally, make it a habit to stay on top of clutter, which is your greatest enemy when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean. Return things that don’t belong to the kitchen. Perform routine purges of your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry contents. Also, feel free to divide or delegate tasks to other people at home and make cleaning a collaborative effort.

A clean kitchen is the best place to prepare food and make memories. Cleaning is an easier chore when you have the right tools with you.

Shop for your favorite kitchen cleaning essentials at ShopHygiene today!

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