Cheers to Clutter

Cheers to Clutter

We’ve stayed in our homes long enough to know where every clutter is. Some are displayed in an open counter top, others hidden in drawers and cabinets, and then there are those congesting our fridge! Yes? Here’s a cheer-full news for you, we’ve customized different kinds and sizes of storage bag from our largest freezer bag to the smallest snack bag, we got you because we get you!

Cheers Multi-Purpose Flat Bags

Cheers Multi-Purpose Flat Bags are packed in an easy, two-way, dispensing re-closable box. It’s made with food-grade and non-toxic materials, BPA-free and no plasticisers. It’s also OXO-Biodegradable and recyclable. So may it be for the fresh produce you’ve just purchased from the market or for your shoes and umbrella on a rainy day, you would definitely enjoy lesser mess with Cheers Flat Bags!

Cheers Multi-Purpose Snack Bags

Cheers Multi-Purpose Snack Bags contain three bag sizes for storing purposes – from nuts and cookies to medicine pills and jewelries. It’s made with food-grade and non-toxic materials as well as additives which speed up and facilitate biodegradation making it oxo-biodegradable. It’s free from BPA (bisphenol-A) and PVC (plasticizers or polyvinylchloride). Each bag is reinforced with double zipper locking feature for safer, tighter, and sturdier sealing. It’s also packed in a re-closable box with a convenient two-way tear opening for easy dispensing. It has a write-on area too for easy labeling and quick notes!

Cheers Multi-Purpose Freezer Bags

Cheers Multi-Purpose Freezer Bags are exclusively designed to protect food, prevent freezer burn and preserve the original flavor of marinated food. Its durability and versatility make it perfect for freezing food such as whole fish, pork, chicken, fruits, and other large items for safe storage. Built to be tough and wide, these long-lasting freezer bags can go beyond single use for vast-ranging packaging purposes.

These bags are also ideal for storing, organizing and protecting personal items like paper documents, travel essentials, tools, electronic accessories, or home supplies. It comes with double zipper locking feature for tighter and sturdier sealing.

Made with food grade and non-toxic materials, these freezer bags meet Food Contact Safe (FCS) requirements for food storage applications. It’s free from harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and plasticizers or polyvinylchloride (PVC).

Cheers Freezer Bags are packed in biodegradable and recyclable box with a re-closable tear-opening for easy dispensing. Each bag also has a write-on area for easy identification, tracking, and content labelling.

Cheers Multi-Purpose Storage Bags

Cheers Multi-Purpose Storage Bags comes with tight resealable double-lock feature in small and medium sizes. May it be for organizing your recipe ingredients or sorting your electronic stuff, these bags will surely bring cheer to your clutter!

Cheers Glassine Paper Bags

Cheers Glassine Paper Bags are made from 100% Glassine Paper, a plant-based material with natural barrier properties that is fully recyclable and biodegradable. These grease-resistant paper bags contain zero plastic, paraffin wax, soy, or other types of petroleum-based coating. It's food contact-safe so you can use it for snacks and baked goods if not for your gifts and crafts!

Cheers Trash Bags

Disposing waste is now fun and easy with Cheers Trash Bags! It comes in black, green, and translucent with sizes from small to double extra-large. They’re packed in a roll for easy dispensing and storage. Each bag is oxo-biodegradable and comes with a tie for quick wrap-ups so disposal is a piece of cake!

Cheers Nappy & Litter Bags

Cheers Nappy & Litter Bags are infused with odor neutralizing citrus fragrance and anti-bacterial formula which minimizes and controls foul odors of used diapers and other smelly garbage. Each bag is oxo-biodegradable and designed with tie handles for tight and convenient sealing. It comes in a re-closable and recyclable dispenser box with tear opening for easy dispensing.

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