Cheers to Party Hassle

Cheers to Party Hassle

2 truths, 1 lie: we like spending time with the people we love; we enjoy conversations over variety of food; we’re ecstatic about the post-party cleanup. If we share the same lie in mind, we have everything you need to make your hosting worry-free! From plates to cutleries to cups to straws to trash bags, all you have to do is tie them up when the fun is up!

Cheers Starch-Based Cups

Cheers starch-based cups are heat and oil resistant up to 110°C so whether you're going for hot or cold drinks, you only need these disposable cups! It comes in 8 and 16 oz sizes. They are natural, bio-based, and renewable. It has versatile design for easy grip and are durably strong that it won't easily break or crumple!

Cheers Starch-Based Plates

Cheers Starch-Based Plates are designed with dimples and ridges on its surface to keep food in place so whether you're standing during a casual get together or seated at a formal affair, you can focus on the fun instead of worrying about spilling food! Mix & match these with our cutleries for a more colorful celebration! Available in red, natural, and green colors.

Cheers Starch-Based Knives

Cheers Starch-Based Knives have been road-tested for you and have been proven to easily cut through most meats! Its starch-based nature makes it sturdy that it won't easily snap. These are the must-have knives for your parties or everyday use!

Cheers Paper Straw

Cheers Paper Straws are more long-lasting and durable compared to most paper straws available in the market. They are odorless and taste-free perfect for home, on-the-go, or party uses. Each straw is individually wrapped for sanitary purposes.

Cheers Starch-Based Cutleries

Cheers Starch-Based Cutleries are strong and sturdy. From formal to casual affairs, this set of 12 spoons and forks won't easily break and can be so easily styled into your tablescape as they come in natural, red, and green colors!

Along with these tablewares, don’t forget to also add to cart some trash bags, table napkins, and kitchen towels to complete your cheer when it comes to party hassle!

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