Cheers to Spill

Cheers to Spill

In case of spill, don’t panic! Our range of paper products from table napkin to kitchen towel are at your service 24/7! Sweep off the stress, swipe out the spills!

Cheers Pull Napkins

Cheers Pull Napkins are table napkins in interlock arrangement. It’s designed to allow 1 sheet per pull which means you can better control your usage especially if you only need it for small food residue around your mouth or for some tiny spills on your table.

Cheers Table Napkin

Cheers Folded Table Napkins are your classic, staple party tablemates for keeping utensils hygienic or cleaning up home and party messes.

Cheers Kitchen Towel

Cheers Jumbo Kitchen Towels have 2 layers of 100% virgin pulp fibers that increase absorbency and are made stronger with its laminated quilted embossing. Its liquid-locking technology draws any liquid or oil stains to itself when cleaning home or party messes. Each sheet also comes in fun prints designed with food-grade ink making it safe on food so feel free to wrap your sandwich with it too!

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