Christmas Gifts on a Budget: Hygiene Essentials for Your Loved Ones

Christmas Gifts on a Budget: Hygiene Essentials for Your Loved Ones



Christmas Gifts on a Budget: Hygiene Essentials for Your Loved Ones

Christmas is coming soon! Chances are you’ve already made a mental note of the people on your gift list — parents, significant others, friends, and coworkers. The list might seem long and daunting, and you might already be worrying about your budget. Is there still room for Christmas in your funds?

Practical gift-giving means expressing love during the holidays without breaking the bank. It’s all about giving something people can use and sticking to your budget while you’re at it. While we want to express our love through extravagant gifts, it’s the thought that often counts.

Here’s an idea: why not give the gift of cleanliness, care, and hygiene?

We’ve rounded up a list of budget-friendly hygiene essentials that you can give this Christmas. Below are some of our favorites — all of them under P100!


Gifts that Promote Personal Hygiene

Sanicare Lavender Sanitizing Wipes (P98.00)

Wet wipes are must-haves, especially since there we are exposed to germs daily. Promote good hygiene for your loved ones by giving them their favorite wipes!

Sanicare’s Lavender Sanitizing Wipes are clinically proven effective against harmful bacteria like C. albicans and E. coli. Despite its sanitizing power, our wipes’ gentle formulation cleans your skin gently. Plus, each shoot is infused with a soothing lavender scent that keeps you relaxed and refreshed.

Our 80s pack is perfect for convenient and quick clean-ups wherever you or your loved ones are!


Sanicare Clean Hands Alcohol Spray (P52.00)

If there’s one thing we learned during the pandemic, clean hands save lives. Frequent hand washing reduces the spread of disease-causing germs. If you don’t have access to soap and running water, alcohol is your best friend.

Sanicare Clean Hands Alcohol Spray has an anti-bacterial formula that cleans hands without drying the skin. The healthy mix of plant-based moisturizers and other skin-loving ingredients results in an alcohol that disinfects and moisturizes your skin at the same time.

Available in two refreshing scents: Zesty Bergamot and Peach Blossom.


Femme Large Box Facial Tissue (P66.00)

Who says a box of your favorite tissues isn’t a good Christmas gift? After all, we use tissue a lot throughout the day.

Femme’s facial tissues come in an attractive box that makes a statement in any home or office. Plus, each box comes with 500 sheets of dermatologist-tested facial tissue. Made from 100% virgin pulp, it is free from artificial whiteners and other harmful chemicals.


Sanicare Toilet Seat Cover (P64.00)

Hygiene on the go is the greatest gift we can give to a person who is always up and about.

Sanicare’s Toilet Seat Cover is great for a friend who always uses public toilets. Made from 100% biodegradable paper, each sheet is an eco-friendly effort that still promotes better hygiene. It offers better protection against germs, especially if you are using a common toilet.

These toilet seat covers are also printed with a nature-inspired design to make bathroom trips more fun.

Tisyu to Go Bathroom Tissue (P23.00)

We Filipinos love our tissue! It’s a lifesaver, a must-have no matter where we are. If we can bring tissue with us, we do.

However, not all of us are fans of the bulky center core that comes with most tissue products. But with Tisyu to Go Bathroom Tissue this shouldn’t be a problem. Compact and easy to carry, you can take these rolls with you wherever you go. All you have to do is unroll them with your hands and use them as usual. No need to worry about the core bulking up the contents of your bag. It's coreless, so you can fit it anywhere.

Tisyu’s tissue is also made from 100% virgin pulp and is free from artificial whiteners and chlorine. Dermatologist-tested, our coreless tissues are safe for personal use and friendlier to the environment.


Gift for Your Kikay Friend

Femme Cotton Round Pads (P58.00)

Makeup removal is the best part at the end of the day! Make it easier for your kikay friend by gifting them with Femme’s Cotton Round Pads.

Made from 100% cotton fiber, these cotton pads gently clean the skin and remove makeup and dirt effectively. Its soft surface and round shape give good skin coverage. Plus, the pads instantly absorb moisture and keep your skin refreshed.


Sanicare Mini Wipes (P83.00)

Hygiene is always in style when you have a pack of Sanicare’s Mini Wipes. Designed to be extra mini, you can take a pack since it fits most bags and pockets! Plus, each pack of 6 comes in three different designs, so it’s the prettiest combination of aesthetics and hygiene!

Each mini pack contains pre-moistened towelettes that are formulated with mild and skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. These towelettes are also free from alcohol and parabens, so it’s perfect for all skin types.


Sanicare Facial Tissue Cylinder (P100.00)

Sanicare’s Facial Tissues Cylinder is a space-saver, a hygiene must-have that can fit any space. It can fit the cup holders in your car or sit on any table. For P100, you get three beautifully designed cylinders that contain soft sheets made from three layers of 100% virgin pulp fiber.

Femme Dual Tips Cosmetic Buds (P84.00)

Creating the perfect eyeliner look can be tricky. But with some handy cotton buds, it need not be an impossible challenge!

Femme’s Dual Tips Cosmetic Buds make it easier to remove makeup. The pointed tip helps in precise makeup application— not just with eyeliner— but with nail polish, lipstick, etc. Also, each cotton bud is made from 100% cotton that is gentle and safe on different skin types.


Gift for Your Friends with a Baby

Sanicare Baby Wipes 80+1o Sheets (P99.00)

Wipes is life when you’re a new parent. Baby wipes make changing diapers easier and less messy.

Make life easier for your loved ones by gifting them the new and improved Sanicare Baby Wipes. Made from 100% plant-derived biodegradable fibers, each wipe is gentle on your baby’s skin and is friendlier to the environment.

Give your loved ones’ babies the care they deserve with antibacterial and moisturizing wipes from Sanicare!


Sanicare Jumbo Cotton Balls (P54.00)

Diaper cleanups are faster with larger cotton balls! Sanicare Jumbo Cotton Balls are made from pure cotton, so they’re soft and gentle even on the most sensitive skin types. The larger cotton balls also mean that you can cover more of the baby’s skin. Perfect for easier clean-ups!

Sanicare It’s Playtime Wipes (P99.00)

If your loved ones are now enjoying the toddler stage, gift them Sanicare’s It’s Playtime Wipes! Mildly scented for toddlers, this bigger pack of 80 sheets is a must-have to keep around the house as the active little ones start exploring and doing fun experiments that might make a bit of a mess. Each pack contains 80 sheets of durable wipes that are infused with skin-loving ingredients. Plus, the cucumber scent keeps toddlers smelling clean and fresh.


Gift for Loved Ones who Like Hosting Parties

Cheers Starch-based Red Color Plates (P44.00)

Friends who love throwing parties will appreciate gifts that make celebrations easier to prepare. Cheers’ starch-based plates are must-haves for both intimate and big gatherings. Unlike the traditional paper plates we use, these durable plates do not break easily and can hold a variety of viands. With its oil-resistant and non-slip surface, your loved ones can enjoy any meal and not worry about spills. 

Cheers Starch-based Cutleries in Natural Color (P38.00)

One of the saddest things to happen in feasts is when you break your utensils while enjoying your favorite meal.

Make your friends’ feasts merrier with durable spoons and forks from Cheers! Cheers Starch-based Cutleries are so sturdy, that you can enjoy any meal – whether it’s pasta or your favorite steak (aka Enemy No. 1 for most cutleries).

Cheers Starch-based Natural Color Cups (P35.00)

Cheers' Starch-bed Cups are must-haves for any gathering. These sturdy cups can hold both cold and hot (up to 110°C) drinks. It also comes with a non-slip surface for a firmer grip. Finally, the natural color of the Cheers cups also makes them perfect for any party theme or aesthetic.

Cheers Multipurpose Double Seal Snack Bag - Combo Pack (P70.00)

Filipino Christmas celebrations are not complete without takeouts (or Sharon/Shawie as we call it these days). We love to take home food left over from the party and store it in our fridge to save money on meals.

Cheers Multipurpose Double Seal Snack Bag is a must-have for this purpose. Each snack bag is made with food-grade and non-toxic materials. It is also reinforced with a double zipper locking feature that guarantees sturdier and safer sealing.

Cheers Multi-Purpose Snack Bags contain three bag sizes, so any form of takeout is welcome!


Gift for Friends Who Love to Clean Their Homes

Cheers Multi-Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Concentrate (P96.00)

Cheers Multi-Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Concentrate is a highly concentrated formula that kills 99.999% of bacteria from high-touch areas. It can easily cut through grease and grime, which makes cleaning easier. Your busy loved ones will benefit from a more thorough clean and long-lasting freshness!

Naturale Interfolded Paper Towels (P51.00)

Naturale Interfolded Paper Towels are must-haves for any dining room or kitchen cleanups. These interfolded paper towels easily absorb messes and spills. Plus, it comes with an interlock feature, which means you’ll get one sheet of paper towel per pull.

The unbleached color of Naturale’s paper towels also makes it an aesthetic addition to any table setting.

Cheers Nappy & Litter Bags Tropical Lime with Green Tea Scent (P84.00)


Do your loved ones have pets at home? Cheers Nappy & Litter Bags Tropical Lime with Green Tea Scent is a nice present to give.

These nappy bags are convenient must-haves for when going out with pets since they can fit any bag. Plus, each plastic bag is scented with a refreshing green tea scent that masks the odor from the waste. These bags also come in a box with a simple one-at-a-time dispensing box.


Give the gift of love on a budget! P100 goes will go a long way. No need to spend a lot to express your appreciation for your loved ones! Here at ShopHygiene, you’ll find amazing practical gifts your family and friends will love. Add to your cart today.