Clean Hands on the Go: Bring Paper Soap with You

Clean Hands on the Go: Bring Paper Soap with You

If there’s anything we learned over the previous years, it’s that handwashing should never be taken lightly. While we’re no strangers to the importance of washing our hands for health reasons, chances are you are more intentional with it than before. After all, handwashing saves lives.

Now that life is back to normal, it’s important to still clean your hands – even when you are on the go. Hand sanitizers and alcohol are currently hygiene must-haves, but it still pays to practice handwashing when possible. But how can you wash your hands if you don’t have soap with you? Worry not! There’s a portable option in the form of paper soap.

Sanicare Clean Hands Soap Thins are paper soap sheets that you can take anywhere. If you need to wash your hands during activities like traveling, camping, or hiking, it’s great to have a pack at hand.



What Is Paper Soap?

Sanicare’s paper soaps are thin sheets that completely dissolve when used underwater. Each sheet cleans your skin with an antibacterial formulation that is tough on germs. Despite its antibacterial properties, our Soap Thins are still gentle on the skin – thanks to its skin-loving ingredients. Anyone can use our paper soap sheets, even those who have sensitive skin.

Our paper soap is also available in two refreshing scents:



Sanicare Clean Hands Soap Thins are also packed in pocket-sized, re-closable packaging. You can take them with you wherever you go.


How To Use Paper Soap

  1. Take a sheet of soap between your hands.
  2. Run them under the water and rub to create a lather.
  3. Wash your hands as you would with a bar of soap. Clean under your nails, too!
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Dry your hands.

When it comes to proper storage, always store your soap thins in a dry place. Avoid placing them on top of the sink because any contact with water can cause your soap sheets to dissolve.


Make the Switch to Paper Soap!

Paper soap sheets seem like an unconventional form of hand hygiene. But if you are a person on the go or prefer soap over alcohol/hand sanitizers, these are great options.

Still thinking about it? Consider the following benefits:

Ready to Use

Wash your hands anywhere. No need to bring a small bottle of handwash with you; just take a pack with you and wash your hands wherever you are.

Travel-Friendly Design

Travel soap paper sheets are game changers when it comes to portability. Their compact and lightweight design makes them a must-have for campers, travelers, and people on the move. A pack of Sanicare’s Clean Hands Soap Thins easily fits any bag or backpack, including your pocket.

Free from Harmful Chemicals

Paper soap sheets offer peace of mind when it comes to ingredients. Unlike other soap products, these soap sheets don’t have chemicals like sulfates and parabens. So, it is safe for use for everyone, including those with sensitive skin.

Good for the Environment

Paper soap thins aren’t just good for your hands; they’re also kinder to the environment. Its compact design and eco-friendly packaging make it a sustainable choice for hand hygiene.


Sanicare’s Clean Hands Soap Thins are the ideal hygiene must-haves for people who want convenient and portable hand hygiene solutions. Clean your hands wherever you are with our paper soap. Add to your cart today!

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