Don’t Sweat It, Mom! Tips for Breastfeeding Hygiene

Don’t Sweat It, Mom! Tips for Breastfeeding Hygiene

To the casual observer, breastfeeding seems like the most natural and easiest thing mothers can do. But once you start doing it, you realize that there’s more to breastfeeding than just feeding your child. Your other worries include the latch, engorgement, letdown, and your supply.  

However, there’s another thing that many moms – even their doctors – don’t often talk about. That’s breastfeeding hygiene.  

Breastfeeding is the epitome of skin-to-skin contact with your baby; therefore, it’s important to maintain proper care of your breasts. Dirty breasts can serve as feeding grounds for bacteria and germs when you don’t practice good hygiene. This exposes your baby to a variety of diseases! 

Fortunately, a consistent routine and the right hygiene products keep your breasts clean for your baby. 

What New Moms Can Do to Maintain Hygiene 

Keep Your Nipples Clean 

Rinse your nipples a few times throughout the day to remove traces of saliva. You don’t have to clean them thoroughly after every feed, but rinsing gives you the chance to apply unscented and baby-safe moisturizer.  

Apart from rinsing, wash your breasts when you shower. Always you unscented and natural soaps to keep them clean.  

Avoid Scented Products 

As mentioned above, unscented products are your new best friend. If you are suffering from sensitive and sore nipples, use unscented nipple lotions and creams. Also, avoid using alcohol on your nipples since doing so increases dryness. This damages your skin and can be harmful to your baby. 

All items used for the baby should also be unscented. This includes your baby wipes! Go for Sanicare’s Baby Wipes, which are unscented, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing wipes. It cleans your and your baby’s skin without the risk of chemicals.  

Wear the Right Clothes 

After pregnancy, your breasts will continue to change. On some days, you’ll feel drained while on others you’ll feel sore. With these changes, it’s important to always wear the right clothes.  

Let your mammary glands breathe by wearing loose bras. Wearing restrictive and tight clothing traps airflow, which can encourage bacteria growth. On the other hand, loose shirts and bras help your breasts breathe and make you feel more comfortable.  

While loose bras are great, make sure that you’re still wearing the right size. Bras that fit well offer more comfort compared to ones that are too big or small.  

Finally, wear bras that don’t have any underwires. Cotton promotes better airflow, allowing your skin to breathe through the material. Invest in a good nursing bra since they offer more than just comfort. Since they open in the front, you can easily feed your baby. 

Keep Boob Sweat at Bay 

The first few weeks with a newborn can be tiring, but exercising should still be a part of your routine. It boosts your energy and keeps you in shape. That said, exercising means you’ll be sweating a lot.  

To make sure your breasts are clean after every workout, shower always! If a full shower feels impossible, rinse your boobs before you breastfeed. Pat your breasts dry with soft and gentle tissues, too. Use Sanicare’s Facial Tissues, which are made from 100% virgin pulp. Free from elemental chlorine and artificial whiteners, it’s safe for all skin types! Just put a box in your nursery or bedroom for easy access.  

Make sure you also have tissues in the bathroom! Use Sanicare’s 2-Ply Bathroom Tissue to dry your boobs after each rinse or shower.  

Maintain Proper Hygiene Practices 

Apart from just washing your breasts, keep a regular hygiene routine. This means washing your hands frequently, especially before you feed your baby. When your hands are dirty, you can pass bacteria to your breasts, which passes on to your baby.  

Always wash your hands and keep sanitizer handy. Sanicare’s Clean Hands Alcohol Spray is a must-have for quick sanitizing. Made from plant-based moisturizer and infused with skin-loving ingredients, each spray of this alcohol moisturizes the skin while disinfecting it. It comes in a handy bottle that you can easily refill with your favorite scent: Peachy Blossom or Zesty Bergamot. 

One of the most memorable times of your journey as a new mom is during breastfeeding. It offers an opportunity to establish a strong bond with your bundle of joy. To keep you and your baby healthy during this season, good hygiene is essential. 

We hope these tips can help you throughout your season of breastfeeding! Remember also to give yourself plenty of grace, patience, and reassurance.  

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