Have Fun With Hygiene: 6 Simple Tips For Parents & Kids

Have Fun With Hygiene: 6 Simple Tips For Parents & Kids

Moms, remember this: When your tiny tot gets older, this is when they become more independent, explorative, and – well – messy! They touch, run in, roll in, and play in almost anything and everything: the floor, rugs, soil, grass, sand, and dirt! Whenever it’s dinner time, they look like a grimier version of the child you carried for 9 months!

In that case, we’ve got you covered, parents! Here’s a checklist of basic hygiene tips you can teach your tiny tots!

  1. Hand washing - 2 to 10...million bacteria exist between your fingertips and elbows! That figure doubles when someone is damp or sweaty, which is exactly what your child is after a fun afternoon with friends.

    Make this the first priority after playtime inside or outside the house. Bring them to the sink or faucet. Make them soak their arms up to their elbows. Lather with soap for 20 seconds and scrub every portion of the arm thoroughly. Afterwards, dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

    If you’re mobile you can opt for a foaming sanitizer that kill 99.9% of germs and comes in a foaming dispenser (so there’s no waste), like Sanicare’s Clean Hands Sanitizer! It’s fun for kids too because of the foam and bubbles it makes during use!

  2. Toilet cleanliness – If your kid is already potty-trained, chances are he/she knows how to keep the toilet clean. But it’s a very different ballgame when they use public restrooms. You, and they, don’t know who’s used it. Millions of germs and bacteria could be lurking on the throne, waiting to pounce on them unawares!

    In cases like these, show them there’s a tool that makes toilet seats clean and keeps them hygienic before and after: Sanicare’s Toilet Seat Cover! It’s made from biodegradable material and flushable after use!

  3. Nail hygiene – Dirt and bacteria also gather in one’s nails, especially if they aren’t trimmed. Express to your child the importance of cutting their nails regularly (once every 2 weeks) or getting in between when washing their hands to push all the gunk out.

  4. Bathing – Using a child-formulated cleansing agent, educate your child to soap, scrub, and rinse every body part thoroughly. You may use a wash cloth as an aid, but we leave that up to you, dear parent.

  5. Oral hygiene – Since children do as their parents do, it is best to model brushing of teeth in front of them. Demonstrate that they need to be gentle so they don’t injure their gums or wear out the tooth enamel.

  6. Facial hygiene – When children start perspiring, sweat and oil are released by the skin to cool the body. It remains there even after their activity. Don’t let the sweat or oil dry because – as mentioned earlier – germs and bacteria stick more easily.

    The moment they get home, wipe your child’s face with a soft towel or tissue that’s created for all types of skin, made from 100% virgin pulp, and contains no chemicals like Sanicare’s Travel PackFacial Tissue. Sure, they’re for adults, but its 3-ply strength and softness are great for a child’s skin too! They’re also kiddie friendly, fitting in their small backpack or bag.


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