Look Your Best For Online Meetings With These 5 Easy Steps!

Look Your Best For Online Meetings With These 5 Easy Steps!

Remote meetings are the new norm due to social distancing. While they seem like a welcome break from the usual formalities, that doesn’t mean you should be anything less than presentable. Look your best with these 5 easy steps!

Remember proper hygiene! - Don’t skip that bath, especially at the start of your day! A shower in the morning allows you to mentally prepare for the day’s activities. Good hygiene is essential to looking – and feeling – your best!

Dress for the occasion. - While we understand the temptation to wear only house clothes or pajamas when working remotely, strive to maintain a degree of professionalism. At the most, wear a button-down long sleeve or short sleeve shirt. For casual days, a collared sports t-shirt will do. You can top it off with a blazer or denim jacket if you like.

Have enough light. - You can either use a desk lamp with fluorescent bulbs or face your workstation towards the window. Not only will it add a natural, healthy glow to your skin, it’ll also make your virtual profile more visible to your co-workers or clients.

Maintain a visually-pleasing background. - People won’t be looking at just your face the entire time. They’ll also notice what’s behind you since you’re not in the same room. Minimize the visual clutter as much as possible. Tidy up before the meeting. If all else fails, a great alternative would be to use virtual backgrounds from Zoom or Microsoft Teams to instantly hide everything behind you.

Have a well-photographed ID picture as a backup profile. - We’ve all been there before: waking up just in time for a meeting or having back-to-back sessions that leave you with little to no preparation time. In extreme cases like this, it’s best to default to a 1x1 ID photo - whether your official company or resume photo - for safety. Use a picture of you that’s smiling in front of a white background. Even if you can’t be seen, your profile will make the good impression for you.

After all your virtual meetings, treat yourself to a well-deserved pampering session! Draw out dirt and impurities, reduce excess oil, revitalize, and hydrate your skin with Sanicare’s Activated Charcoal Wipes. Or, you can let the relaxing scent of lavender wash your day’s worries away with Sanicare’s Charcoal Facial Cleansing Wipes!
Do you have other ways to look your best during virtual meetings? Let us know in the comments section below!

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