Cheers Odor Neutralizer Spray - Winter Lush 300ml (1 Bottle)

Cheers Odor Neutralizer Spray - Winter Lush 300ml (1 Bottle)

Cheers Multipurpose Double Seal Snack Bag - Combo Pack (1 Box)

Cheers Multipurpose Double Seal Snack Bag - Combo Pack (1 Box)

Cheers Multi-Purpose Freezer Bag - 15 Bags (1 Box)

Cheers Multi-Purpose Freezer Bags are great for securely storing different food items such as fruits and vegetables, bread, meat, cereals, leftover food items, and other snacks. Thanks to its thick and flexible food-grade material, the food items won't leak, so you need not worry about messes in the fridge!

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Store your food quickly with a thick and transparent freezer bag from Cheers. Our reusable zip food storage bags are ideal for storing both wet and dry food items, pet food, and liquids.

What you get: 1 box containing 15 bags of 30 cm x 36cm Cheers Multi-Purpose Freezer Bag

FLEXIBLE AND MULTI-FUNCTION: Ideal for storing, organizing, and protecting food, personal items, paper documents, travel essentials, tools, electronic accessories, and home supplies.
SECURED DOUBLE LOCK: Reinforced with a double zipper locking feature for tighter and sturdier sealing.
FREEZER SAFE: Designed exclusively to protect food, prevent freezer burn, and preserve the original flavor of marinated food.
FOOD GRADE AND NON-TOXIC MATERIAL: Made with food grade and non-toxic virgin PE material that meets Food Contact Safe (FCS) requirements for food storage applications.
BPA-FREE AND CONTAINS NO PLASTICISERS: No toxic or harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA), plasticizers, or polyvinylchloride (PVC).
LABEL FEATURE: Designed with a write-on area for quick notes and easy identification, tracking, and content labeling.
CONVENIENT AND RECYCLABLE DISPENSER BOX: Packed in a biodegradable and recyclable box with a re-closable tear-opening for easy dispensing.

1. Do not use product in microwave or conventional oven.
2. Do not overfill.
3. Press air out of the bag when freezing.

1. Keep box and plastic bags away from direct heat.
2. Store in dry place and at room temperature.

To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this product and all plastic bags out of reach of babies or children.

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