A good hygiene kit is all about promoting your health, as well as those around you. It also represents good habits that we take with us throughout our day.

Personal hygiene kits are composed of products needed to stay clean and fresh wherever you are – emphasis on wherever because these kits are so handy that you can fit them in your bag. What goes into your kit depends on your preferences, but one thing is for sure: these are the basic hygiene essentials like soap, alcohol, and tissues.

Sanicare encourages hygiene-forward practices and bringing a hygiene kit with you is always a plus! Let us be a part of your healthy routine when you get our new Sanicare Hygiene Essentials Kit!

Introducing: Sanicare’s Hygiene Kits!

Sanicare’s new hygiene kits are composed of hygiene essentials that keep you clean and fresh throughout the day. There are two kits to choose from: Sanicare’s Fresh Paradise Kit and Sanicare’s Ocean Rush Kit! Both kits contain the following:

  • Sanicare Travel Pack Facial Tissue. Take your favorite tissues with you wherever you go! Sanicare’s premium facial tissues in travel packs are designed to fit into any bag. Plus, each sheet is made from 100% virgin pulp, which means they are hygienic and safe for sensitive use.
  • Sanicare Lavender Sanitizing Wipes. Sanicare’s Sanitizing Lavender Wipes are clinically proven to kill 99% of harmful bacteria. Despite its effective sanitizing power, each lavender-infused wipe is made with skin-loving ingredients, so it’s gentle on your skin! Take a pack of 15s with you and give your skin the gentle care it deserves.
  • Sanicare Clean Hands Alcohol Spray. Keep your hands extra clean all day without drying them! Sanicare’s Clean Hands Alcohol Spray’s anti-bacterial formula disinfects your skin while its plant-based moisturizer keeps it soft. Sanicare’s alcohol spray is available in two refreshing scents: Peach Blossom and Zesty Bergamot.
  • Sanicare Clean Hands Soap Thins. What sets each kit apart is the different paper soap included! Sanicare’s Clean Hands Soap Thins are single-use paper-thin soaps that dissolve when placed under water. Each sheet is tough on germs but gentle on your skin – thanks to its anti-bacterial and moisturizing formulation! Plus, each paper soap packaging is pocket-size so you can store them even in your pockets! Sanicare’s soap thins are available in two refreshing scents: OCEAN RUSH freshens you up with a crisp, clean scent that transports you to the rhythmic waves and salty breeze while FRESH PARADISE is a delightful burst of zesty lemons.


Take a Hygiene Kit with You!

In a season where germs and viruses are everywhere, proper hygiene is our first line of defense. Stay safe and healthy by taking a hygiene kit wherever you go. Sanicare’s Fresh Paradise Kit and Ocean Rush Kit can fit any bag or pouch and contain all the essentials for the day!

Health is wealth, so making space in your budget for a hygiene kit is worth it. Add this hygiene essential to your routine. Don’t forget to add a kit to your cart today!